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Saffron Price Has Increased in 2018

According to deputy head of the National Saffron Council Gholam Reza 152 tons of saffron, valued at USD 240 million have been exported from Razavi Khorasan province during 21.03-21.11.2018. This is 32 percent increase in terms of weight and 46 percent increase in terms of value, if compared to the same period last year. Price of saffron has fluctuated a lot during the last year.

source: (15.12.2018). “Saffron exports value up by 46% in first 8 months.” MEHR NEWS AGENCY. Retrieved from:


Saffron price overview

Majority of the world’s saffron comes from Iran. Therefore Iran sets the pace for saffron prices in the world. Generally speaking, for commercial buyers saffron

How to Test Saffron Quality Fast

1. Real quality saffron should be crunchy and dry between your fingers. After rubbing it should leave yellow color on your fingers. 2. Smell. Genuine

Saffron Price in Iran

Majority of the world’s saffron comes from Iran. When buying saffron from Iran in bulk, the prices start from 700 USD per kg for lower