We Work Like a Sales Office for Businesses.
We Communicate Products and Services, Internationally.

My name is Kert and I am in charge of running Sneico. Based in Estonia, and operating globally. I have been in international sales and business development for 20 years. We specialise in communicating solutions, products and services. We make them visible to the potential clients.

We help small and midsize businesses to generate more sales. For manufacturers and suppliers Sneico works like a communication office (sales department).

We are growing our partner base organically. We choose the partners based on value and when we see a potential. For us the business is always international.

We make our money according to the agreement with our partner. Our goal is to help with international sales. We are utilizing the connected world 🙂

There is an information overload in the web, and sometimes it is really hard to orientate. Our goal is to be clear with the informations, and help to make better decisions. We realize there are many valuable products and services in the world left without the attention.

1. Transparent and close cooperation with the partner.

2. Professional and responsive communication.
3. Work with people from around the world.
4. Learn and improve.