Iranian Saffron Export and Restrictions

Usually saffron price starts to increase during the end of Iranian year (that is March 21). Prices rise about 10 percent during the period.

But still the cultivation and supply of saffron is on the rise. According to recent data about 125,000 hectares are under saffron cultivation in Iran.

Thou, the problem lies in some difficulties to export saffron from Iran. The country is under sanctions from USA. Moreover, it is impossible to send Iranian saffron to countries like Saudi Arabia, USA, and Israel. Afghanistan is taking advantage of the restrictions and Iranian saffron is exported to the countries through Afghanistan. For example, when before, Iran had eight saffron companies exhibiting in Dubai Gulfood Exhibition, then now it has dropped to only one. Whilst Afghanistan saffron companies have increased to eight exhibitors. Iranian saffron is sold as Afghanistan’s saffron.

source: (19.04.2019). “Iran hands its saffron market to Afghanistan due to export restricitions”. Azernews. Retrieved from:

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