Saffron from Iranian Suppliers. Selling Small Quantities as Well

Our Saffron Prices
  • Negin (Grade1) – USD1040 / kg (when ordering at least 5 kg)
  • Pushal (Grade 1) – USD875 / kg
  • Sargol (Grade1) – USD935 / kg
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Saffron from Iran

We are saffron seller from Iran. The products will be shipped to you from Iran, or Europe. The production is compliant with international standards. With every batch we provide: HACCP, ISO, Certificate of Analysis, Certificate of Origin, and Phytosanitary Certificate.

We have 40 years of experience in production and shipping. In the saffron company harvesting and production process is under strict control. This way the essential ingredients in saffron are not damaged. Every batch is checked and analysed in a laboratory before selling to the clients. With every product we issue Certificate of Analysis from officially attested laboratory.

When working with us, you get stable supplier with people devoted to bring saffron from the source. The quality is under strict control to keep our key customer buying from us.

Saffron is also grown in India, Morocco, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and some European countries. Indian and Pakistan saffron quality is considered inferior to Iranian saffron. Saffron cultivated in Europe tends to be expensive.

Harvesting takes place in November. Saffron flower is picked usually in the early morning. The thread will be separated from the flower while fresh and raw. Saffron threads are dried following strict procedures.  

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We offer:
Sargol – cut red thread. Short shape.
Negin – highest quality. Beautiful and harmonious big shape. Best aroma, flavor, color.
Pushal – threads with a yellow part. Shape ruffled.


Negin saffron is the highest quality. Negin needs the most handwork to guarantee the quality. It consists mostly of red part of the stigma, with small yellow part present. Negin has the highest amount of safranal, crocin and picrocrocin. Negin’s stigma shape is bigger in diameter and length. Negin is dried separately and the shape is unruffled. Negin is positioned for the retail client and coffee shop. When you need to display the thread’s shape. It also has the highest content of coloring ingredient crocin.

According to Certificate of Analysis: safranal (aroma) 34, crocin (coloring) 280, picrocrocin (flavor) 99

saffron negin


Sargol is mechanically cut red part of the stigma. It is calles “All Red”, as yellow part of the thread is separated. It is short in shape and has somewhat less safranal, crocin and picrocrocin than Negin. Sargol is more so positioned for the commercial use, when visual appearance is not the priority. Sargol is for food-, pharmaceutical-, and cosmetics industry. It is still a quality saffron, but with a lower price.

According to Certificate of Analysis: safranal (aroma) 37, crocin (coloring) 220, picrocrocin (flavor) 85

saffron sargol


Pushal (type 1) has yellow part of the stigma included. Some of pushal stigmas have three threads sticked together. Opposite to Negin, the yellow part can cause some impurity. Visually the product can be ruffled. It has lower amount of crocin than Negin.  It is positioned for restaurants, coffee shops, and retail market. When visual appearance of the thread is not that important.

We also carry pushal type 2. This is for price sensitive clients.

According to Certificate of Analysis: safranal (aroma) 37, crocin (coloring) 244, picrocrocin (flavor) 95

saffron pushal

Iranian Saffron Supplier

Sneico works like a communication office for the supplier. Client support and transactions are conducted through Sneico’s communication office, products are sent directly from Iran. There is an option to deliver from Europe as well.

The producer organises the sourcing and looks after quality, storage, packaging and exports procedures.

Crocus Sativus is hand-picked in the farms to get the saffron threads.

Our Saffron's Price When Ordering 5 kg

Negin (Grade1) – USD1040 / kg (when ordering at least 5 kg)
Pushal (Grade 1) – USD875 / kg
Sargol (Grade1) – USD935 / kg


The prices fluctuate according to the demand, and changes in currency exchange rate.

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