Avg. Wholesale Price in Iran (EUR)Delivery Cost of 1kg (EUR)Customs Import TariffDelivery Time
Saffron price in Iran830000
Saffron price in Spain8302008.5%20 days
Saffron price in UK830220020 days
Saffron price in Vietnam83025050%30 days
Saffron price in India83017030%20 days
Saffron price in Germany830200020 days
Saffron price in Dubai83012030%10 days
Saffron price in Qatar83012020%10 days

Bulk saffron price in Iran as of April 2019:
_Super negin EUR985 /kg
_Negin EUR920 /kg
_Sargol EUR840 /kg
_Pushal EUR785 /kg
_Bunch EUR625 /kg

Price is determined by market conditions and Iran Rial currency exchange rate. Nowadays the exchange rate is quite volatile.


This chart demonstrates how volatile the Iranian Rial is against USD. Currently USD1 = IR42,000

Saffron is sold to consumers in every corner of the world, in local spice stores and online. See how saffron price changes in the distribution channel from manufacturer to the retailer. Biggest consumers are USA, Middle-east, Southern Europe, and South Asia.

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Saffron price is fluctuating according to market conditions and Iran Rial currency exchange rate.