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Why SITEDESK Is Unique

sitedesk table, small desk for office

Story Behind the Sitedesk Table

Letter from the designer.

I probably spend more time sitting behind the laptop screen than any healthy person should allow themselves to. 

I used to drag my laptop along everywhere I went, no exceptions. Be it the sofa, chair, bed or outside world, my laptop was right there with me. In particular, I was accustomed to working in front of the warm and cozy fireplace while sitting on the equally snug recliner, enjoying the atmosphere.

At one point, I became worried as to what dangers I was putting myself into through so willingly exposing my body to laptop radiation. It definitely wasn’t a good idea to have the laptop sit on my thighs or chest all day long. Letting it have direct contact with my body wasn’t a very wise decision, after all, putting a laptop where your heart is? Probably not the smartest idea. 

Operating the laptop from the sofa also wasn’t an easy feat, nor was it healthy. This caused my posture to deteriorate and I began to develop backaches and neck problems

Looking back, I used to hassle with my laptop a lot. 

Having had enough of this, I decided to find a proper solution. I searched and scrolled through countless offers that the market supposedly had to offer. After extensive research, I came to a sudden realization, there was no solution. All the tabletops available were too small and I couldn’t bring them high enough over my lap. The desks were too low and I had to tilt my head to see the screen. Despite all of the products in stock having poor design, all of them were also annoyingly unstable. 

Having a background in manufacturing, I decided to step in and develop a solution that addressed all of these issues. 

For me, it was vital to take these points into consideration
1. I needed to avoid laptop radiation at all costs by keeping the computer away from having direct contact with my body. 
2. I needed a stable surface which would hold my laptop, allow me to take notes and have room for other bare essentials. 
3. I needed it to be stable, adjustable, movable and convenient. 
4. It had to allow me to have a healthy and comfortable posture and provide easy access to the device. 
5. I needed it to allow me to bring the tabletop over the sofa and bed so it could stay on my lap. 
6. It needed to look like a piece furniture that people would like to have in their room. 

All of these problems ended up being resolved when I decided to build my own tabletop. A small and suitable for anyone that has experienced the same inconveniences that I have. When I finished, I was proud to say it turned out just how I imagined it to. The biggest challenge, was to make it properly functional, but everything turned out well in the end. 

The feedback has been positive, moreover Sitedesk can function as a side- and sofa table as well. These times we don’t need the table space for hard copies and newspapers anymore.

Sitedesk's retail price side table

If you want to buy, you have commercial interest, or have any other questions, contact us.