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Overbed and over chair designer sofa table

Overbed adjustable table
Overbed adjustable table

In this furniture category functionality comes first. But you might have to give up on design. Most of the overbed desks look very technical. And sometimes they are very bulky.

If you are searching for a good looking designer sofa table, check out this overbed table. It is well designed, small, functional and very stable.

It is used in offices, living rooms, bedrooms, public spaces, and in retirement homes. It is very convenient to have the overseat and overbed table beside you wherever you are, recliner, sofa, chair or bed.

It has features of a small computer table

Originally SiteDesk was developed for using computer. For the designer following points were important:

  1. He wanted to avoid laptop radiation by keeping the computer away from having direct contact with his body. 
  2. He needed a table which would hold the laptop computer, allow to take notes and have room for other bare essentials. 
  3. He wanted the over chair desk to be stable, adjustable, movable and convenient to use. 
  4. When used as an overbed table, it had to allow the user to have a healthy and comfortable posture and provide easy access to the devices on the desk. 
  5. He needed the small desk to allow to bring the tabletop over the sofa and bed so it could stay on the person’s lap. 
  6. The table needed to look like a piece of furniture that people would like to have in their room.

Some people say it is the best side table

All the features mentioned above make sitedesk very handy when changing the computer on the table top to any other objects, such as snacks, a drink, things for handicraft, a book, board game, notebook, etc.

Small sofa table is good for small apartments. You have a surface to hold some essentials people normally keep in front of the sofa, or bring it close to you and use it as an overbed table. Also when you need to make room for yourself you can easily drag the table to the corner, away from the sight.

Designer swivel overbed table for elderly

Sitedesk has got lot of attention from elderly. People who tend to spend more time sitting and laying down. There are many different overbed tables available online and in the shops, however they tend to look technical and bulky.

If you are looking designer overbed table please check out this small overchair table