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Outsource Sales to Grow Exports

Use service providers or freelancers to export

Typically a business starts from a personal need, or a drive to earn more, utilising knowledge and experience from previous career.

Usually first clients come from the neighbourhood. Then home town, and then from home land. When business is small owners struggle financing the growth. At this stage it is smart to outsource as much as possible to be good at the business’ core. Be it manufacturing, programming, service, printing, etc.

Export is sweet. Especially if your country is small, poor, or competitive. But export takes an extra effort. Not long time age it meant traveling. Nowadays things can work much more efficiently. Its internet. However it takes expertise and systematic effort to make it work.

There is an option to outsource your sales efforts

Internet is affecting all areas of life. It also can work very well to find buyers in foreign countries. We at Sneico are specialising to offer sales office service to small and mid size businesses. We work internationally.

How the outsourced international sales office work

1. We agree to have a transparent and responsive cooperation. Think of Sneico as your export sales department.

2. Your job is hand us information about your products, and we prepare the relevant sales materials in different languages.

3. Sneico makes the materials visible to the potential clients.

4. Sneico communicates the products to new and regular foreign clients.

5. Sneico administers products orders, arranges transportation and customs procedures.