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salmon suppliers

Main emphasize in this document is on fresh and frozen salmon, but it also has info on different salmon manufacturers’. 80% of the salmon is sea farmed and the rest is wild catch (mostly from Alaska, US). Typically the farms are owned by families and small companies, and production is sold by local exporters and traders. In Norway the industry is dominated by big corporations, who have bought up small businesses. In 2015, 67% of the salmon was sold by 10 largest seafood companies in Norway.

There are 7 different types of salmon: Atlantic (most popular, mostly farmed), Steelhead (farmed), Coho (wild and farmed), Chinook (wild and farmed), Pink (wild), Chum (wild), Sockeye (wild).

Below is an organized list of salmon suppliers (sea farms, fisheries, processors, traders) who are selling to industrial buyers. Companies are listed in alphabetical order by the country of origin.

There are 116 salmon and trout suppliers in this document, of which:
4 are from Australia
8 Canada
15 Chile
5 Denmark
2 Faroe Islands
1 Ireland
2 Netherlands
51 Norway
1 Russia
8 UK/Scotland
19 USA

Salmon is caught:
45% from Norway
23% Chile
16% USA
6% UK
3% Canada
3% Faroe Islands
4% Other


Petuna – Sea farmer, processor.

Tassal – Local sea farmer, processor.

Hon Aqua – Sea farmer, processor.

This Fish Pty Ltd – Organic salmon and trout farm.


CANADA SUPPLIERS – Harvesting and processing of wild salmon. – Certified organic indigenous Pacific Chinook (King) salmon. – Land farm raised Atlantic Salmon. – Cooke Aquaculture processes and sells 115,000 metric tons (whole fish equivalent) of Atlantic salmon. – Frozen seafood trading company.  – Harvests, farms, processes. – Seafood farmers – Salmon products


CHILE SUPPLIERS – Salmon – Atlantic salmon, coho and trout – traditional filets and smoked salmon. – Salmon – Salmon – Atlantic salmon, variety of products and cuts. Smoked salmon. Atlantic trout. – Salmon and trout. – Holding company operating farms and manufacturing. Salmon and trout.  – Atlantic salmon, Coho salmon and Steelhead. – Chilean salmon farmer and processor. – Atlantic salmon, Coho salmon, Trout. – Salmon – Trout, Coho and Atlantic salmon. – Sourcing specialist. Salmon, Trout, etc. – Trout, Atlantic- and Coho salmon. – Processing and marketing of salmon and trout.


DENMARK SUPPLIERS – Produces Salmon fillets. – Salmon – Production and sales of Pink and Chum Salmon. – Salmon from land-based aquaculture. – Salmon and fish products from 3600m2 HACCP-Certified factory in Skagen harbor.


FAROE ISLANDS SUPPLIERS – Our salmon are raised in the wild without the use of antibiotics or hormones. – Salmon


IRELAND SUPPLIERS – Organic salmon farming on the west coast of Ireland.


NORWAY SUPPLIERS – Fresh & Frozen Norwegian Salmon Head On / Gutted. – Seafood exporter. – Norwegian seafood exporting and trading company. – Trading/export company. – Holding company providing conventional and organic salmon. – Sales organization providing salmon, trout and cod. – Manufacturer of fresh and processed salmon and trout. – Largest independent trading company for farmed Atlantic Salmon and Fjord Trout. – Frozen products of Salmon and Trout. – Family- owned, fully integrated farming company. Salmon and Fjord Trout.  – One of the leading Salmon farming companies in Norway. – Independent supplier of salmon and trout. – World’s second largest producer of Atlantic Salmon. – Sales organisation providing salmon and trout. – Sales organisation providing salmon and trout. – Independent supplier of salmon and trout. – Family operated farm offering salmon of very high quality. – Production of salmon. – Fresh and frozen products of farmed salmon. – We export raw material and semi-finished products to the processing industry throughout the world. – Production of Atlantic salmon and Rainbow trout. – Sales organization providing salmon. – Fully integrated fish farming company offering salmon and trout. – Full range supplier of fresh & frozen fish. – Sales organization providing salmon and trout. – Sales organization providing salmon. – Specialized in serving customers in Asia with fresh airborne “Sashimi-Quality” salmon 52 weeks/year. – High quality salmon from Norway, with sales office in USA. – Offers Atlantic Salmon and Trout. – Salmon sales organization. – One of the world’s largest and most efficient producers of farmed salmon. – Distributor of Norwegian salmon and Norwegian fjord trout. – Sales organization. – Produces salmon and trout portions, fillets and whole. – Processing plant for products such as portions, fillets and loins Organic salmon. – Sales organization. – Produces frozen, chilled and fresh products. – Holding company offering salmon and trout. – One of the largest producers of Atlantic farmed salmon in Northern Norway. – Salmon product manufacturer. – Salmon farm. – Salmon production. – Salmon production. – One of the largest privately owned salmon farming firms in Norway. – Family owned company that produces salmon and trout. – Salmon production. – Salmon production. – One of the world’s leading fish farming companies, specializing in Atlantic salmon. – Salmon and trout production.  – Salmon production. – Salmon


NETHERLANDS SUPPLIERS – Fresh all-natural fish from the North Atlantic Ocean. Visscher Seafood is a family business that takes pride in making pure fish products, free of additives, chemicals and antibiotics. – Salmon fillets according to request.


RUSSIA SUPPLIERS – Farmed Atlantic salmon and trout.


UK / SCOTLAND / NORTHERN IRELAND SUPPLIERS – Atlantic salmon farmer. – Salmon farm. – Farmed salmon. -Salmon farm. – Trout and salmon. – Largest trout producer in UK. – Salmon farm.  – Organic salmon from Northern Ireland.


USA SUPPLIERS  – Integrated processor of frozen, headed and gutted salmon for domestic and export markets. – King-, Sockeye-, Coho-, Chum- and Pink Salmon from 5 processing facilities.  – Wild salmon from leading Alaskan seafood producer. – Salmon producer with big capacity. – Sourcing and producing. – Wild salmon. – Seafood sourcing. Salmon items, from Alaska and other parts of the American-Canadian northwest. – Wild salmon from native tribes from Alaska, Canada and Washington State   Fresh salmon from fishing vessel. Small quantities.   Filleting, canning, freezing, smoking, and distributing Alaska salmon. – Wild salmon. – Seafood sourcing. – Small business offering wild salmon. – Family owned fish company, operating two boats. Wild salmon. Whole salmon, fillets, portions, and smoked items. – As fishermen we provide the highest quality salmon, halibut, sablefish, etc.  -High quality fresh and smoked Wild Alaskan Salmon. – Seafood processor.  – Chinook- and Coho salmon from fishermen in Alaska. – Wild salmon from Alaska.– Wild salmon trader.

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