Low cost furniture manufacturers close to Europe.
Get offers from different factories.

SNEICO is a sourcing platform for furniture manufacturers in Eastern Europe – Poland, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, and Moldova.

We are working with number of factories, and can reach out to hundreds of companies in the area. In case you need furniture manufactured according to your design, or you are looking for new product lines, please send us your request. The factories manufacture furniture for hotels, department stores, hospitals, public areas, workshops, offices, living rooms, kitchen. We have capability to manufacture furniture for all sectors.

Indicative prices

These are B2B prices for simplest furniture items. Prices are ex-works. If you have your own product line and want furniture manufactured according to your own design, please contact us at office@sneico.com and we will send you our offer.

Show furniture you need, and we show what we can do for you.

Our priority is to visualise the communication as much as possible. Share images of material/finishing options, sample making process, packaging, show products before dispatch, etc

How our service works.

Deposit €300 to start the procurement process, use it to make make the first order.

To make sure you have a genuine interest to start ordering we ask to deposit €300 in order to start the procurement process. If we don’t reach the set goal (manufacturer’s price, quality, lead time, quantity capability) you get the deposit back. 


1. Send your request, a description of a furniture you are looking for.

2. We will evaluate if we qualify to start the procurement process.

3. You deposit €300 to confirm genuine interest.

4. We create the task description and the goal.

5. If we don’t reach the task goal (price, quality, lead time, quantity capability) you will get the €300 deposit back.

6. If we do reach the task goal we keep the deposit. When you start the actual orders you get a discount in the value of the €300 deposit. Deadline to start the actual orders is three months, to take advantage of the €300 discount.

Why us?

If you like furniture manufactured for you consider the following:

– our prices are competitive;

– factory closeness to Europe means short lead times to European countries;

– capability to manufacture natural wood product, chipboard/MDF processing, laminating, vinyl wrapping, metal processing, powder coating, etc;

– we use fittings from HÄFELE, HETTICH, INCOLL, GTV. Boards come from EGGER, PFLEIDERER and KRONOPOL. Our machinery is BIESSE, IMA, HOMAG, SCHELLING;

– factories can fulfill small to mid size furniture orders;

– if you are a furniture retailer this is your chance to introduce your own line to the market!

– send us your request! If our prices are acceptable, order a sample. You are also welcome to visit the factory before making the first order.

Send inquiry to furniture factories