Need an Easy to Run Company with Beneficial Tax Environment? Look No Further

– The company will be registered in European Union, Estonia. Corporate income tax is 0% if you leave the profit in the company (don’t pay dividends). This is very important for growing companies, you have more funds to invest back into your business.

– Incorporation does not require residency, the company becomes Estonian tax resident automatically.  Suitable for international business. The private liability company protects you from personal risks and liabilities.

– Paperless administration over the internet. You can create and run the company over the internet. It is recommended to become Estonian e-Resident at some point to make it even easier to conduct business.

– Communicate in English to run the company.

You would Get

– A private liability company in European Union,  registered in Estonian Business Register with Estonian address and local contact person.

– Help with VAT number and relevant services to be compliant.

– The company is authorised to open Paypal account and an international bank account with Transferwise and MasterCard.

– Full accounting service. You just send us the accounting documents and we take care of the rest. We submit all documents to officials as required by the law (including the annual report, VAT returns, and payroll)

– You don’t need to learn any accounting and tax laws. We take care of your accounting and answer the questions you have.

– We provide you with legal advice and tax planning, to make sure things are done correctly.

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